Aniko Kovač Krnjajić testimonial

Aniko Kovač Krnjajić

I applied to PSIML coming from a linguistics background which I felt was like landing in from another planet at the time. I had experience with Python and natural language processing beforehand, but I would never have referred to myself as a programmer and my knowledge of machine learning was more theoretical than practical in nature.

PSIML was a wonderful experience which helped me feel more comfortable with not only machine learning, but coding in general, and I was welcomed into an incredible community where everyone was willing to help, answer questions, and support each other.

The lectures and practical sessions were challenging, but provided a very good basis for independent projects later on, and I would consider this experience to be an intensive, fast-tracked, and very fun bootcamp.

For our final project, I worked with my partner Robert on architecting a neural-network based declination generator for Serbian. This was very closely related to my interest in linguistics, but also a challenging machine learning task as we discovered.

Some years later, I am working on my PhD doing research in computational linguistics, and I feel those first steps in machine learning at PSIML played a significant role in determining the direction of my research. In parallel to that, I work with an educational startup in Maryland (USA) as the hard-skills team lead responsible for building STEM programs that cover a wide range of topics, including machine learning.

I found my experience at PSIML invaluable, and would recommend it as a challenging but incredibly rewarding program to anyone interested in the topic, regardless of your background. It may surprise you where your path could lead in the future.